Building Fences

We are spending the holiday weekend in Brenham with family.  It’s nice to spend some quality time after being away for awhile.  For us, quality time means swimming, walking, exploring, a lot of cooking and eating, and this time, working on the land.  Last Thursday and Friday, Brenham got about 24″ of rain and there was a lot of damage done to the land.  There was a lot of anxiety and worry about work already done around here and what this meant for the future.

We came up with some solutions, including a temporary fence so the neighboring cows wouldn’t invade the garden and house.  We all helped – even the kids – and got it done in this lovely Texas heat.  It is good to remind ourselves that it could have been worse. We were unharmed.  The house was unharmed, and after a few clean-up days, the property will be back to a new normal.


Coming Home

As we drive home from Tennessee, I am thinking about the past 9 months. We set off last August to travel the U.S. in an RV. After my hubby came up with this crazy idea, I agreed to the trip mostly due to our lives seeming to be out of my control. I felt like the five of us were passing each other every day without really living our lives. Does that sound too dramatic? I guess we just weren’t having as much fun as I thought we could.

So we ditched almost everything and set off. There were rough times at the beginning. We were okay with the space and one shower and homeschooling, but friends were missed and we sometimes longed for Austin. Things got easier as time went on and going home for Christmas and a ski trip with friends were the perfect breaks.

Now that it’s May, when I look back, all the issues and problems somehow seem less significant. The family time spent was invaluable. We visited all the lower 48 states and had countless experiences. My hope is that my kids hold awesome memories and someday appreciate the trip as a whole. Personally, I crossed off a huge number of bucket items. I also more fully appreciate my life in my little spot in Texas.

We are all excited to get home and begin our next adventure: building a new house, renewing friendships, getting back to work and hopefully, playing a little more.