School Lunches

We start school next Wednesday. I know everyone says this, but where did summer go? While my personality likes the idea of having a schedule again, I am not excited about waking up early every morning and packing lunches. Yes, packing lunches for three kids, five days a week does not excite me. My kids don’t love school food and in our school district, it gets really expensive with all the choices. This way they get food they will (hopefully) eat and I know it’s somewhat healthy. And it’s not costing me a fortune.

A couple of years ago, I came up with a plan to help with the process. Every weekend, I ask the kids what they want for the week. We usually do a drink (water or Capri Sun), a “main dish” (anything from a sandwich to sushi), a snack (pretzels or snack mix or nuts), a yogurt, fruit (grapes are easiest) and a dessert (cookie or brownie). Each kid has their preferences and they usually don’t change that much throughout the school year. So the repetitive buying makes it easier. I buy the groceries on Sunday (at the latest), along with our meals for the week. On Sunday, the kids bag up everything for the week and put them in their labeled baskets in the pantry and containers in the fridge. Each morning, we can grab six items and stick them in their lunch bags. It has made our mornings run more smoothly when three kids are trying to get out the door at different times.

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