How I Got 600€ from American Airlines for a Delayed Flight

While I was waiting in the Charles de Gaulle airport, I attempted to Google why my flight was delayed.  An ad popped up for a company who helps people get money for delayed flights out of Europe.  I did a little more research and found out that if you are flying out an EU country, you are entitled to compensation if your flight is more than 3 hours delayed or cancelled. Your compensation depends on how late your flight was and how far you flew and there are exemptions, such as bad weather.  Since mine was more than 4 hours delayed and I flew from France (an EU country) to Texas (the U.S. being a non-EU country), I was entitled to the full 600 Euros per passenger. I sent an email to American Airlines through their online customer service form.  Along with all of my contact information, it read:

I was on flight #__ on August __, 2017, from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Dallas, TX. My flight was more than 4 hours delayed.  According to EU Regulation 261/2004, I am entitled to compensation.  Please let me know how to proceed.  Thank you.

I was worried that American would deny my claim since I read so many experiences online in which they offered less money or denied claims all together.  But, American responded via email 2 days later, offering me the 600 Euros or $800 in flight vouchers.  There was a form attached to complete and return, which I did the same day.  About 7 days later, I received another email confirming receipt of my form and the deposit of the money into my account within 45 days.  It was a very easy process and I applaud American Airlines for their quick and positive responses.

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