IKEA Cabinets

I’m a fan of IKEA cabinets.  We have put them in our last few homes, including spec homes we’ve built.  After a couple of times, I’ve learned the tricks and they have become very easy to assemble.  I assemble the cabinet boxes, Chip installs them and I then add the fronts and finishing touches.

IKEA’s new cabinet system offers tons of different cabinet sizes and custom aspects that gives you thousands of possibilities.  Pick up one of their SEKTION buying guides to get ideas!  You can also do accent doors (like the glass), appliance fronts, drawers within drawers, interior organizers, integrated lighting and wall accessories.

I’ve done a variety of different styles over the years.  My favorite is the one we currently have in our house.  I used the gray Bobdyn cabinet fronts.



Some of my favorite features that I try to incorporate into each house is a pull-out trash can (or two, one for recycling), drawers next to the range/stove top for pots and pans, a set of drawers for office- and school-type supplies, some glass accent cabinets.  I also love doing a counter-depth refrigerator and place cabinets around it so it looks built-in.  It’s helpful to not have the dishwasher on the end of the cabinets or island.  I finish the cabinets off with pulls or handles, and IKEA has lots of inexpensive styles.

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