What Type of Parent Are You?

I think most parents would agree that they don’t know what they’re doing most of the time when it comes to raising their kids.  I know I fall into that category. My daughters are both in middle school this year.  I remember middle school as being awful.  Just awful.  So when a couple of issues came up this school year, I wasn’t really surprised.  But now I’m the mom, not the student.  Trying to figure out how to handle them is so hard.

My daughter was called fat at school.  My protective side told me to go up to that school and knock some sense into that kid and call up that mom and tell her what her child is doing.  What I ended up doing is talking to my child, telling her that she is beautiful, inside and out.  I also talked to her about the fact that some people are mean and friends need to be chosen carefully and that we love her no matter what.

One of my daughters has a teacher that is less than sensitive and made three kids cry within the first two weeks of school.  While my kids love all of their other teachers, this one stands out.  I talked to her about how she will meet people like this throughout her life, in school, in social situations, in her future jobs.  She is stuck with this teacher for the school year, so she needs try hard in all her classes, and harder in this one.

I think I’m a certain type of mom in some situations and then completely change for others.  I’ll probably figure this parenting thing out once all my kids are in their twenties.

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