How to Decorate Your Arched Windows

Figuring out what to do with an arched window is challenging.  Do you cover it or leave it alone? Do you use blinds or curtains or something else?  If you want to go the curtains route, I have a few good ideas for you.

The first idea is to simply hang a curtain rod with your choice of curtains.  This is a good option if you need privacy or darkness.  It might not bring out the uniqueness of your window, but it is practical.  You can also span several windows and use one long curtain rod.

arched window curtains

A second option is to use curtain holdbacks to hang your curtains.  This allows you a lot of curtains options.  You can leave the curtains open permanently or let them close when you need privacy or light control.

arched curtain rod holdbacksThis third option really shows off your arched window.  Order an arched rod, made to your specifications.  You can get rings welded on so they don’t fall down the curtain rod.  Finish with finials and you have a really wonderful look.

arched curtain rod

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