New Curtain Rod Website

We have revamped our curtain rods website to make it more user-friendly, including mobile-friendly. Please visit and let us know what you think in the comments below.

There are some questions we get again and again.  You can find lot of answers in our FAQ’s. One of the biggest things is that standard brackets come included with your curtain rod order. So there is no need to purchase brackets, unless you need something special, like a different projection or a different style of bracket.  Another thing to note is that we have 18 finishes and you can choose any of them at no extra cost.

For shipping purposes, we must split rods longer than 104″.  When you order a long rod, we will split it and include connectors, which go into the rods and tighten down with set screws.  You usually have a bracket at the connector point.  If you don’t, you can turn the screw towards the wall to hide it.  This way, you can order as long of a rod as needed and simply connect the pieces.  If you want your rod to be split in specific places, please let us know in the ‘notes’ section.

We offer curved curtain rods for curved windows and bay windows and also corner rods for those corners or again, bay windows.  What to know about these is that they are easy to order!  People often get worried that it is too complicated but you really just need a tape measure to measure your walls.

If you still have questions, please feel free to call or email us.

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