Building a Home

Now that we are back in Austin, we are ready to start building our new home.  We bought a lot in February and have been working for the last few months on permits, a construction loan and plans.  Because we will be living in the RV for 4-5 MORE months while we build, we’d like to start ASAP.  I have a feeling that, while living in an RV on a great adventure around the U.S. was fun, living in an RV in Austin will not hold the same charm.

Next week, the husband gets to do his favorite part of the build – preparing the site with the Bobcat.  For some reason, he loves to get in that Bobcat in the heat and move brush all day.  Crazy.  For me, the beginning means becoming familiar with my house plans and starting to plan the details (in the air conditioning).

Because the lot is small, we won’t really have a backyard.  So the kids will play in the front yard.  They are old enough that a fence is not necessary.  However, we have a 12-year-old dog that probably needs a fence.  We were thinking of doing an invisible fence but are concerned about doing one with our Lucy.  Has anyone done an invisible fence with an older dog?

Here is our lot. It’s not much to look at yet!



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